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* Please treat other members with respect at all times.
* All posts containing R18 / Adult content must be locked and be put under a LJ cut.
* All Media download posts must be locked.
* Please tag all posts appropriately. If you cannot find a tag that befits your post, please PM a moderator or leave a message in your post so that a tag may be created.
* All large images (400x400 and larger) must be put under a LJ cut.
* Please put the bulk text of fanfiction under a LJ cut if you are not linking to your personal journal, fanfiction account, etc.
* All spoilers pertaining to information from the Light Novels must be put under a LJ cut. This will protect visitors to the community from coming across unexpected spoilers, since the majority of AOMK related topics have not appeared in the Durarara!! anime and there are no officially translated versions of the light novels. (Please note that in the event that there is a second season of Durarara!!, new rules pertaining to Anime Spoilers will be added. The same applies in the event that the light novels become available in English.)


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